We aim to put smiles on the faces of people settling into life in Australia

after an unsettling time in their homelands

Assisting refugees with their social inclusion into the Brisbane community


What do we do?


Why do we help refugees?

Our position about people seeking asylum in Australia.

Would You Like to Help Us?

You can help in a variety of ways:

  • You could do a workshop to find out how to help refugees in your neighbourhood.
  • You can volunteer your time with Refugee Connect either in a frontline way or helping behind the scenes.
  • You could donate money or goods to enable us to provide for the needs of refugees in our community.
  • You could pray for us and for the refugees.


Refugee Connect appreciates all your donations, whether large or small,

whether a single donation or a regular commitment.

Refugee Connect is a registered charity and donations are tax deductible


Donate Now



First Aid Training

We provide First Aid Training Courses to:

a. Assist Refugees to learn English and to gain a valuable qualification.

b. Raise funds for the work of Refugee Connect

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